Top List of Banks in Greece

Greece has many locally-owned banks, which play an essential role in financing the economy. It has a high concentration of small and medium-sized banks and no particularly big domestic players. Among the 60 Greek banks, there are 19 bank groups, consisting of 9 systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) as defined by the Bank of Greece.

Banks are an essential part of Greece's economy. Greece banks are privately owned, but the federal government provides deposit insurance and guarantees commercial loans to protect the investments made by local residents and foreign corporations. The banking system in Greece works very much like that of the US, with all transactions processed through a central bank called the Bank of Greece.

Here are some of the banks that hold the Greece economy

Piraeus Bank

Piraeus Bank is one of the top four Greek banks by assets, deposits, and loans, with operations in Greece and four adjacent markets: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. The Group has consistently supported the Greek economy through its presence at every level of its social and economic life. It offers banking products and services to corporations, professional customers, and private individuals within the southeast European economic area.

The bank provides its services through its 484 internal branches with another 133 in outside countries. The bank, which was formed in 1916, boasts a total asset of EUR 72.11 billion (USD 78.45 billion) as of 2021

National Bank of Greece

National Bank of Greece SA (NBG) is a financial services company that provides retail and commercial banking, investment and insurance, corporate finance, and asset management services to individuals, small- and medium-sized enterprises in Greece. The Company is also active in the Greek domestic and regional financial markets and international markets through its subsidiaries in Southeast Europe, the broader Middle East, Turkey, and the UK.

National Bank of Greece has around 542 branches in Greece and subsidiaries in Southeastern Europe, with over 18,000 employees. As of 2020, its assets were reported to be EUR 77.49 billion (USD 84.30 billion)

Eurobank Ergasias SA

Eurobank Ergasias SA is a Greece-based financial group, mainly active in retail, SME, and corporate banking. The bank functions under Retail Banking, SME Banking, Corporate Banking, and asset management services via Eurobank Asset Management SA. Eurobank EFG Group's subsidiaries include Eurobank Properties REIC and EFG Eurolife Holdings SA.

The Other Activities segment comprises asset management, insurance activities, and other subsidiaries such as Euro capital Securities SA. A Eurobank Group dedicated brokerage firm. It has more than 620 branches with several ATMs across the country and abroad. Its assets as of 2020 were EUR 67.73 billion (EUR 84.31 billion)

Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank is Greece's largest financial services group, operating in four European countries. The Bank, through its subsidiaries Alpha Finance SA and Alpha Card Company SA, provides a wide variety of products and services, including retail banking, asset management, insurance and leasing, security brokerage, and investment banking. Alpha Bank is a founding member of Visa International.

The bank was established in 1879 and now boasts 671 branches and subsidiaries across Europe. Its assets were EUR 71.2 billion (USD 77.46 billion)

Attica Bank

Attica Bank is a specialized credit institution that offers a wide range of financial products and services. It provides Financial Services, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking Services, Capital Markets Products, and International Banking Activities. Attica Bank has been successfully active in multiple financial activities since 1925. Offering a wide range of sophisticated products, Attica Bank serves all its customers, private or business, both in Greece and abroad. It manages 52 branches with over 700 employees on its payroll.

Its last reported assets as of 2020 were EUR 5.38 billion (USD 3.89 billion)

HSBC Greece

Headquartered in Athens, HSBC Bank Greece SA is a subsidiary of HSBC Group. It has banking products and services, including deposits, money market funds, credit cards, personal loans, and mortgages. 

Its corporate banking services include trade finance and working capital financing, commercial real estate financing, asset finance and treasury options, letters of credit, and trade guarantees.

It was established in 1981 and has broadened its wings to have several branches and ATMs across Greece. Its total assets are EUR 17.84 billion (USD 19.41 billion)

Citibank Greece

Citibank Greece SA is the first US bank to commence operations in Greece. It is wholly owned by Citigroup Inc., a leading worldwide financial services holding company with 480,000 customer accounts in Greece. Citibank is a Greek registered credit organization supervised by the Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC). In Greece, Citibank offers a wide range of banking products and services through its state-of-the-art online banking system, modern branches, and a network of more than 6,000 ATMs throughout the country.

Citibank has 720 employees that manage its branches across the world. Its total asset as of 2016 stood at EUR 2.08 trillion (USD 2.27 trillion)

Aegean Baltic Bank

With its headquarters in Athens, Greece, Aegean Baltic Bank provides its clients with online banking services and access to their bank accounts at home or office. It is operated by the parent company Eurobank EFG. Aegean Baltic Bank provides a range of corporate banking products and services, including current and deposit accounts, loans, overdrafts, guarantees and letters of credit. The bank also includes trade financing products such as documentary credits, collections, contracts and factoring.

It was founded in 2002 and , has reported an asset worth EUR 508 million (USD 552.54 million)

Investment Bank of Greece

With branches throughout Greece, the Investment Bank of Greece is one of the largest full-service investment banks in the country. Headquartered in Athens, it offers a comprehensive range of products and services to individuals, institutions and businesses. IBG's degree of financial products and services include banking, mortgage lending, investments, insurance and more.

Currently, the bank owns several branches and ATMs within Greece and has since recorded an asset of EUR 998.48 million (USD 1.9 billion)


Why did Greece seize bank accounts?

Greece decided to seize bank accounts in 2017 due to the unpaid taxes, and the confiscations were taken directly from the bank accounts.