Top List of Banks in Czechia

Czechia has seen a remarkable level of bankers entering the Czech market. They are serving the fantastic growth of the country and are well known as leading experts in incorporation and related services. The government subsidizes banks and other financial institutions. More than three-quarters of the banking sector is privately owned, but state-controlled banks still control nearly two-fifths of total assets. Although the Czech Republic is not a member of the eurozone or pegged to the euro, many investors do not see significant risks in this situation and passively accumulate koruna on their balance sheets.

Here are some banks which have stood the test of time in Czechia as some of the leading and most promising banks.

Československá Obchodní banka, A. S.

Československá obchodní Banka, a. s., is a traditional universal banking group offering a broad range of financial products and services. 

The parent bank is the largest Czech bank by market share. ČSOB operates in six countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. The bank offers comprehensive services for both natural and legal persons - from one place, you have an overview of your finances and make payments or manage them at any time of the day. Banka Access also allows you to pay various e-shops that support this payment method directly through your personal computer.

The bank's total assets are CZK 1.75 trillion (USD 77 billion)

Česká Spořitelna, A.S

Česká spořitelna, a.s. is the largest commercial bank in the Czech Republic. The bank has 893 branches and 21,000 employees, whilst the number of customers is more than 5 million. Česká spořitelna provides a wide range of banking products and services to private individuals, corporations and small- to medium-sized businesses and offers investment products for individual and corporate clients. Its banking services include retail and corporate banking, private banking, asset management, investment banking, insurance and leasing. It had a total of CZK 15.37 (USD 67 billion ) in 2020.

Komerční Banka, A.S

Komerční Banka is the leading universal bank in the Czech Republic. It provides comprehensive services to clients in retail, corporate and investment banking, and financial markets operations. With its network of more than 500 branches and almost 1,000 ATMs, it covers approximately 99% of the clients' population of the country. Komerční Banka became the first foreign member of China Unionpay acquiring organization, enabling its cardholders to use their cards for purchases and cash withdrawals at UnionPay acceptance points worldwide. The bank was at CZK 11.67 trillion (USD 510 billion) of assets in 2020

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, A.S.

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s. is a Czechia-based bank providing banking products and services to both individuals and companies. The bank offers a range of products and services such as current accounts, deposits, payments, loans, cards, Internet banking, cash management services for enterprise clients, and other alternative banking channels, including mobile phones or tablets. The bank also operates through subsidiaries such as UniCredit Leasing Czechia a.s., UniCredit Factoring s.r.o and UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions. Its total assets summed up to CZK 644.33 billion (USD 26.20 billion) as of 2020.

Raiffeisenbank A.S

Raiffeisenbank is a universal bank providing a wide range of banking products and services to private and corporate clients in the Czech Republic. The bank offers retail banking products and services such as deposits, loans, savings, payments and cards, investment banking services including financial advisory, debt capital markets origination, project finance and syndication.

It is a major financial services provider - especially banking and insurance - and serves private customers, companies and public administration entities. The bank has more than 5000 employees who serve across their branches countrywide. Its assets were reported to be CZK 482 billion (USD 21.10 billion) in 2020.

Hypoteční Banka, A.S

Hypoteční banka, a.s. is a mortgage bank headquartered in Prague, Czechia. It is one of the main mortgage banks in the country, together with KB and Česká spořitelna. 

Hypoteční bank is a subsidiary of KBC Group, being 100% owned by KBC Bank NV, the Belgian financial group. Hypoteční bank guarantees high-quality service and professional and effective assistance at every stage of cooperation. Its total assets as of 2020 were estimated to be CZK 346.51 billion (USD 15.17 billion).

MONETA Money Bank

Moneta Money Bank, a. s., is among the largest retail banks in the Czech Republic, with a balanced business model based on mass and niche clients. The bank offers its high-quality products and services 24/7, across the whole country, thanks to its more than 600 branches, 99% of which have extended opening hours and over 1,200 ATMs.The bank mainly focuses on private individuals who expect customized and high-quality services. The bank's products and services include savings accounts, deposit accounts, loan products, and insurance products. Its assets are said to be CZK 300.96 billion.


CSOB is a bank based in the Czech Republic, with offices in Austria, China, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. It belongs to KBC Bank & Insurance Holdings NV and serves as its main operating entity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The bank offers a range of financial products and services to retail customers and corporate clients, focusing on small to medium-sized companies.

Its total assets are around CZK 1.76 trillion (USD 77.0 trillion).

Moneta Money Bank

Moneta Money Bank (formerly GE Money Bank) is a Czech financial institution. It is the third biggest retail bank in the Czech Republic. The bank has the license of a universal financial institution of the second degree from the Czech National Bank. Czechia offers a wide range of financial products and services to corporate clients domestically and foreign customers worldwide.

The bank has 159 branches and 555 ATMs across the country, with a total, is CZK 317.4 billion as of 2021.

PPF Banka

This is one of the largest investment groups in Eastern and Central Europe. PFF Banka provides consultancy services, investment and banking to medium-sized and large enterprises. The bank has branches across Czechia with enough employees to provide the required service. As of 2021, its assets were CZK 169.5 billion (USD 7.42 billion)


Is Bank of America in Czechia?

The Bank of America has not established any branches in Czechia. The only private banks in Czechia are Deutsche Bank, Barclays, BNP.