Top List of Banks in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of banks over the past decade. In 2009, there were 46 banks in Afghanistan; today only 12 remain. These shrinking numbers have led to an increase in banking fees and also to financial exclusion. However, with help from organizations like the World Bank and the IMF, these banks are gaining stability, making it easier for people to get access to basic banking services. Countries such as Sweden, Japan, and Belarus are also investing in Afghanistan’s economic future by providing capital and training programs to Afghan banks and financial institutions. Here are the top banks in Afghanistan: 

Afghanistan International Bank(AIB)

Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) is a privately owned bank in Afghanistan. As of 2014, AIB had total assets worth US$3 billion, with a network of 31 branches across Afghanistan and an employee base of 149. It provides financial services to corporate and retail customers and government institutions, including private sector development and other government initiatives. 

The Bank offers deposit accounts, corporate loans, trade finance, treasury services, remittances, and foreign exchange services. It also provides internet banking services to its customers.

Azizi Bank

The first full-fledged private bank of Afghanistan, Azizi Bank, operates as a commercial bank offering a range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses and government entities. The bank provides loans and advances, pay orders, demand draft, foreign currency exchange, and collection of local cheques. It also includes credit cards, debit cards, and ATM cards. In addition, the bank offers mobile banking services through which customers can make balance inquiries, check mini statements, transfer funds between accounts and conduct other banking transactions.

Total assets = $492 million

Employees = 1700 

Bakhtar Bank

Bakhtar Bank was founded in 2004 by Afghan entrepreneurs and has been providing financial services to businesses and individuals throughout Afghanistan.

Bakhtar Bank provides a wide range of services, including loans, deposits, money transfers, foreign exchange, salary payments for international organizations, cash management services for corporate customers, trade finance services for import/export businesses, ATM cards, and POS terminals that allow customers to make purchases at merchants across Afghanistan and internationally.

Total Assets: $16.8 million

Employees: 900

Branches: 62

Kabul Bank

Kabul Bank is the largest private bank in Afghanistan. On May 15, 2004, it was founded by Sherkhan Farnood and Khalilullah Ferozi. As of September 30, 2019, Kabul Bank has over 63 million Afghan afghanis in total assets and employs over 1902 people. Kabul Bank has 12 branches located in 17 different provinces throughout Afghanistan, including two in Herat province, two in Nangarhar province, and three in Kabul City.

Kabul Bank offers a broad range of services, including retail and commercial banking and treasury services to individuals and corporations. In March 2011, the bank began offering international money transfers through Western Union.

Bank Alfalah Limited

With the approval of the State Bank of Pakistan and Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan, Bank Alfalah started its operations in Afghanistan in 2006. With a mission to provide commercial banking services to individuals, small and medium enterprises, large corporations, and financial institutions, Bank Alfalah Limited Afghanistan has 700+ branches across Afghanistan.

Total assets: $8,922 million

Employees: 10,000

The Bank's core business portfolio consists of Consumer Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking, Commercial & SME Banking, and Treasury & Financial Markets.

Bank Alfalah also offers customers Islamic Banking services through a dedicated window at all branches across Pakistan. In this regard, the Bank has been recognized by ICRA Pakistan Limited as one of the top 3 banks in terms of Shariah Compliant Assets (SCA) in Pakistan.

Banke Millie Afghan

Banke Millie Afghan is a full-service bank in Afghanistan. The Bank was established in 2004 as the first private banking institution of Afghanistan.

The bank services its customers through a highly qualified staff of over 680 employees. BMA's services include corporate banking, trade finance, SME financing, international banking and remittances, project financing, money transfer, cash management services, and treasury products. In addition to dedicated branches for women and SMEs in Kabul, BMA also has reserved branches for government institutions in Kabul and Kandahar.

Total Assets: $506,456,000

Branches: 15

Development Bank of Afghnaistan

Development Bank of Afghanistan (DBA) is a state-owned bank in Afghanistan. Founded in 1933, it was the largest bank in Afghanistan. In its early years, it served as the central bank of Afghanistan.

The Development Bank of Afghanistan provided short-term financing to small and medium-sized businesses. It also gave loans to farmers for agricultural production and business owners to expand their enterprises.

The DBA had a total asset base of approximately US$1 billion, with over 4,000 employees and 130 branches throughout the country. It has four main departments: Retail Banking Department; Corporate Banking Department; Treasury Department; and Supportive Services Department.

Export Promotion Bank

Export Promotion Bank is a commercial bank in Afghanistan that was established in 2006 by the government of Afghanistan. It provides a range of banking services, including credit facilities, foreign currency exchange, money transfer, and cash management and deposit services; it also offers small business loans. EPB will also provide financial support to exporters, particularly for purchasing raw materials and machinery, short-term loans for export development, and post-export finance for shipment and export credits.

First Micro Finance Bank

First Micro Finance Bank (FMFB) has total assets of over 25,940,688.000 PKR th, with an employee base of more than 2,653 workers. It is headquartered in Kabul and has the most extensive banking network in Afghanistan, with over 150 branches. FMFB was the first bank to receive a license from the Central Bank of Afghanistan in 2003.

FMFB offers a wide range of commercial banking services such as deposits, loans and advances, working capital financing, trade finance facilities, and treasury products. It also offers Islamic banking services through its subsidiary First Microfinance Bank-Islamic Window.

Habib Bank Ltd

Habib Bank Ltd: Afghanistan is a commercial bank in Afghanistan. It is one of the largest Afghan-owned banks, providing retail and corporate banking services and treasury and trade finance products.

Habib Bank Ltd is a private sector financial institution that operates in Afghanistan. It offers savings accounts, term deposits, consumer and business loans, foreign exchange services, and credit cards. The bank also provides remittance services through its US, Canada, and Dubai branches.

Total Assets: 1 billion USD

Employees: 20,795

Branches: 957


Q. What is Afghanistan famous for?

A. Afghanistan is well known for its delicate fruits, especially pomegranates, grapes, and extra-sweet jumbo-size melons. The production of opium (used to make heroin) is an essential source of income for the country and a significant cause of poverty.