Top List of Banks in Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries with a high banking penetration. Moreover, banks in Belgium are considered as well-capitalized. However, some banks are still grappling with large portfolios of loans to SMEs, and more profitable and larger rivals have reduced lending to the riskier small and medium-sized firms.

A good indicator of the health of a country's banks is the size of its bank debt to GDP ratio. The bigger it is, the more vulnerable the banks are to shifts in economic growth and solvency. A higher percentage means more money needs to be pumped into the banks than in a country with a lower ratio in order for confidence to be restored. In Belgium.

Nonetheless, some banks have risen through these problems to make their names in the Belgian market. Here are some of them.


Argenta is a full-service bank that offers a complete range of banking products and services, from savings accounts to loans to insurance. Argenta provides residential mortgage loans and advises customers on the choice of credits. It has 60 branches and 157 ATMs spread throughout Belgium. They also have more than 2500 employees deployed in different branches to help with customer assistance and other services.

The bank has developed an app for its customers to make the customer's work a bit easier when in need of service and bank transactions.

Argenta reported an asset worth EUR 46.23 billion (USD 50.34 billion)

BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP Paribas Fortis is the result of the fusion of Fortis Bank and BNP Paribas. Founded in 1890 and listed in Paris, BNP Paribas is a European leader in global banking and financial services and one of the 6 strongest banks globally according to Standard. The Group has one of the largest international networks with operations in 85 countries, employs more than 33,700 people and has more than 30 million customers worldwide. 

The bank offers services like Corporate and investment Solutions, Retail Banking and Institutional Banking. Its branches and ATMs are spread across Belgian territories. The bank's assets stand at EUR 335.13 billion (USD 364.98 billion) 

AXA Bank

AXA Bank, founded in 1881, is a focus on retail banking and financial services. It employs more than 171,000 professionals, operating from 2 locations in Brussels and one in Antwerp. AXA Bank is a universal bank offering a wide range of services to individuals and companies. The bank's business policy is part of a long-term strategy centered on healthy growth through customer satisfaction and prudence. AXA Bank has a long and solid reputation. You can rely on AXA Bank to offer you a wide range of insurance products to suit you.

It currently boasts of EUR 2.88 billion (USD 3.14 billion)


KBC is the second largest bank in Belgium. It has roots dating back to the 20th century, and its main areas of business are retail banking and insurance. KBC offers a wide range of personal, corporate and investment banking products and asset management, insurance, and investment fund services.

KBC is one of Belgium's leading financial institutions and the only European bank with AAA status. KBC has a strong presence in all important European economic regions.KBC has a total 0f 29000 staff with branches spread across Belgium. It also boasts of new technology innovations like mobile banking and online customer service. KBC's total assets as of 2020 stand at EUR 933 million (USD 1.10 billion) 

Delen Private Bank

Delen Private Bank was founded in 1985 and is one of the oldest family banks in Belgium. With a focus on sustainable customer relationships and trustworthiness, Delen serves entrepreneurs, families, and financial intermediaries. Delen Private Bank is part of Delhaize Group (one of the largest companies in the food and consumer industry).

DPB's mission is to respond quickly and efficiently to the distinct needs of its customers. To achieve its aims, it has opted for a refined business model based on three pillars: its unique investment philosophy, efficient wealth management tailored to specific needs and continuous knowledge enhancement.

The bank currently has 8 offices in Belgium with more than 600 employees under their payroll. Its total assets are estimated to be EUR 37 billion (USD 40.29 billion)


Biobank, formerly known as Beobank - BNP Paribas Fortis was founded in 1985. It is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The company provides banking, insurance and financial services to personal, private and corporate customers. 

Biobank offers current accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, credit cards, term deposits and mortgage loans. Business banking services include current accounts, cash management solutions and corporate debit cards.

The bank has 1500 employees serving their branches spread across Belgium. Its total asset is estimated to be EUR 491.80 million (USD 534 million)

Crelan Bank

Crelan is a cooperative bank in Belgium that was founded in 2013. Crelan is a modern, customer-oriented and efficient bank. It is, therefore, a relatively young bank. By combining the vast experience of the former Centre with the innovative energy from the former SNCB Bank, a new core task emerged: giving form to the meaning of "a bank" for her customers.

It offers cars, home loans, student loans and savings. It currently has 2859 employees working in different branches of the bank. Its total assets are EUR 15.7 billion (USD 17.10 billion)

Keytrade Bank

Keytrade Bank is a Belgian online bank offering savings, investment and trading products for European and international markets. The bank was established in 1998 as Dexia Direct Invest by the Dexia Group. In 2006 the name was changed to Keytrade Bank.

Its total assets stand at EUR 66.80 billion (USD 72.75 billion)

ING Belgique – ING België

ING België–ING Belgique is the Belgian operation of Dutch-based ING Group, a global financial institution with a solid European base. ING Belgique offers private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises retail banking services. It became part of the ING group in 1998 and has since then employed more than 7900 employees. It has also opened branches and ATMs across Belgium. Its total assets are estimated to be around EUR 162.3 billion ( USD 176.75 billion)

Dexia / Belfius

Dexia / Belfius (former Dexia Bank) is a major Belgian banking institution. These Dexia branches sell everything from mortgage, private banking, commercial loans, investment funds and insurance to corporate financing, asset management and complex international products. The firm works in three core business areas: financial institutions, public finance and retail banking. 

It has employed more than 1000 employees with its assets summing up to EUR 188 billion (USD 204.73 billion)


What is the biggest bank in Belgium?

BNP Paribas Fortis: It is a subsidiary of French International Banking with employees of over 33,000. It has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.