Top List of Banks in Australia

Australia is a country with a stable economy and high living standards. The Australian banking system is considered one of the most reliable in the world. Australia's banks were among the first to be recognized as highly reliable and their shares were included in the list of securities on the London Stock Exchange. This indicator is used by S&P as one of the key criteria for determining the level of reliability of a bank.

The Australian financial system consists of commercial banks, credit unions, building societies, insurance companies, and other organizations. Here are some of Australia’s most popular banks:

Commonwealth Bank

CBA has a full-service retail banking business that includes an investment bank, a wealth management division and a retail brokerage. It is one of the largest banks in Australia, with more than 1000 branches across the country in the year 2020. It's also one of the largest asset managers in Australia, with more than 1.014 trillion AUD in assets under management in the financial year 2020. It is also ranked as one of the most employing banks in Australia with a total number of 43,585 (2020) employees across its branches.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

ANZ, formerly the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, is based in Melbourne, Australia. It operates in 34 countries with a total of 570 branches in 2021. Concurrently, it is estimated to have had a total of 40,211 (2021) and an approximated asset base of 979 billion Australian dollars in 2021.

The bank's core business focuses on retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, institutional banking, funds management and brokerage services. ANZ Bank offers credit cards to its customers with a number of perks such as sign-up bonuses and rewards programs. ANZ offers small business loans to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and established companies grow their operations. There are many different types of loans available, depending on your needs and circumstances, such as an overdraft facility or equipment or vehicle finance.

National Australian Bank (NAB)

The bank is estimated to have employed 35,063 employees in total across its branches in 2016. As at 2020 NAB had 12 million customers, with 8 million active digital users. It has a workforce of 48,000 people, serving 10 million customers globally. In 2018 NAB had total assets of 866.6 billion AUD (2020), profits of AU$5.3 billion and made an annual contribution to the Australian economy of AU$24.6 billion.

National Australia Bank Limited engages in banking and financial services primarily in Australia and New Zealand but also in other countries including wealth management services.

Westpac Bank

The Westpac Banking Corporation, more commonly known as Westpac, is an Australian bank and financial-services provider headquartered in Sydney. Westpac provides a broad range of banking and financial services in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, including consumer, business and institutional banking and superannuation products.

 It has branches numbering 1,204 (including subsidiaries St.George Bank, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and RAMS), and employs approximately 33,288 people. In 2019, the bank had an approximated net assets worth 906.6 billion AUD.

Bank of Queensland

Bank of Queensland Limited is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland. As of 2019, BOQ operated a network of more than 250 branches throughout Australia and New Zealand. Among its branches, it had a total of 2,098 (2019). The total assets of the bank was estimated to have stood at 55.6 billion AUD (2019).

The Bank of Queensland offers a broad range of financial products and services including home, personal and car loans, transaction and savings accounts, credit cards, insurance products and business banking, as well as financial advice through a network of authorized representatives.

 Macquarie Bank

The bank operates a network of branches throughout Australia and provides banking services to its customers via telephone and internet banking, mobile, tablet and iPad apps.

Macquarie Bank Group Limited is a global financial services group. Headquartered and listed in Australia (ASX: MQG), Macquarie employs more than 17,000 staff in 33 markets, is the world's largest infrastructure asset manager and Australia's top ranked mergers and acquisitions adviser, with more than A$737 billion in assets under management. The company's operating groups are Banking and Financial Services, Commodities and Global Markets, Macquarie Asset Management and Macquarie Capital.

Bendigo Bank

The bank was formed in 1858 as a gold prospectors' savings bank in Bendigo.  It became the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in the 1950s after merging with the Adelaide Savings Bank and today operates under that name. Bendigo Bank is a retail bank, with more than 500 branches, almost 7,000 (2020) staff and assets of more than $71.4 (2020) billion.

The bank specializes in retail banking services which include personal banking, business banking and wealth management services to customers throughout Australia.

AMP Bank Ltd

AMP Limited is an Australian financial services company that provides superannuation and investment products, financial advice and banking.

As of 2015, AMP had total assets under management of A$110.4 billion and reported group funds under management of A$127 billion. AMP's head office is located at 50 Bridge Street, Sydney which it has occupied since 1865. AMP Bank has over one million customers and employs more than 4,826 (2021) staff across Australia.

AMP has five main business divisions: AMP Bank, AMP Capital, Advice & NZ Wealth Management (New Zealand Wealth Management and Advice businesses), AXA Asia Pacific Holdings (a joint venture with AXA) and Retirement Savings Account Administration (the RSA administration businesses acquired from National Mutual Royal Bank).

Suncorp Bank

Suncorp Bank is a provider of personal and commercial banking products and services to Australian customers. A diversified financial services company, Suncorp provides personal, business, corporate and institutional banking, wealth management and insurance products and services to more than 9 million customers. It is one of Australia's largest banks with A$97.109 billion in assets (2017). Its largest brands are Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, Apia and Shannons. The bank has over 13000 employees and 232 branches throughout Australia.


Bankwest was founded in 1895 and has become a leading bank in Australia. As well as offering a full suite of banking products and services, Bankwest provides an extensive branch network, as well as internet and telephone banking services. The bank was set up with the aim of providing low-cost finance to farmers and small businesses. Bankwest employs more than 4000 people, has more than 700,000 customers and holds assets of 86.17 billion Australian dollars as of 2017. Bankwest is a full-service bank in Australia with 82 branches in 2018.


Q. What is the number 1 bank in Australia?

A. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the largest and most popular bank in the country. It has over 16 million customers and around 1,100 branches all over Australia.

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